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    I Heart Almond Milk

    Dena March 11, 2014

    Clearly, we like to play with food in this house. 😉 Jokes aside, it’s not a secret that we take food seriously around here, too. I stopped drinking cow’s milk about three years ago, not coincidentally, right around the time that I watched Food, Inc. for the first time. That film opened my eyes to some powerful truths about the American food supply, from the inhumane treatment of factory farmed…

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  • I Knew Before I Knew

    Dena November 1, 2013

    I have a feeling that people think I am crazy when I tell this story… but I tell it anyway because it’s the truth. In the beginning of September last year, I was sitting on the couch one day doing nothing exceptional. In fact, I…

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  • House of Sass: Online Artist Collective

    Dena October 29, 2013

    As a blogger, I am always excited to connect with new friends & sponsors to the site. However, sometimes a small business owner reaches out to me and I truly connect with their mission. That’s what happened when I heard from Heather of House of…

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  • Easy Canvas Prints Giveaway!

    Dena July 15, 2013

    This month, I am so excited to partner with Easy Canvas Prints to give away one of their beautiful, 8″x10″ custom canvas prints. This morning I was thinking about what to order for my own print. I have so many gorgeous photos that I would…

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