Keeping Our Bathroom Fresh

DenaJuly 30, 2019

Thank you Angel Soft® for sponsoring this post. Ditch the spray and switch to Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender-Scented Tube.

Lately, I’ve found myself wondering if I am running a household or a zoo, in the best way possible. The population of our house has exploded over these last couple of years as we brought in new pets and transitioned to a blended family. It went from being just us 3, to being a family of 2 adults, 4 kids, 2 dogs, 2 bunnies, 4 chickens, and a partridge in a pear tree. 😉 Last month, we celebrated two years in our home. Looking back on this wild journey makes my heart burst with joy and gratitude.

To be honest, this is the life that I’ve always dreamed of. This bustling household makes me happier than words can say. There is always something beautiful or silly happening, and there is never a dull moment. I have always wanted a big family. I’ve even dreamed of living on a little farm one day, so I am grateful to be getting closer to that dream. Yes, some days are a little bit chaotic, but the excitement keeps me on my toes, and it’s all worth it for the never-ending smiles that it all brings.

Of course with all of this busyness, there is also a lot of messiness. Every room in the house takes its hits, but the bathroom gets hit the hardest. Strange odors are a given with so many feet (and paws!) running around the place. That’s why I was so excited when we were invited to try Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender-Scented Tube. Lavender is my absolute favorite scent in the world. When it comes to Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender, the fresh lavender scent is right in the tube, so it’s effortless. It keeps our bathroom smelling fresh, without the need for messy sprays or candles–which is so helpful because most days I simply don’t have time for that stuff.

Each day brings a new adventure, and with summer here, there will be endless adventures on the horizon. We’ve got so many fun plans lined up, from trips to the beach, to days at the lake, to carnival nights, and bonfires at home. Our garden is flourishing this year, too, and our tomato, squash, and strawberry plants are covered in blossoms. Soon, delicious vegetables will be coming into the kitchen as the bounty of late summer and early autumn arrive. Oh, and did I mention that our girls will be laying eggs soon? I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. As a family of 6, you wouldn’t believe how many eggs we go through on a Sunday morning. When we got our girls, they were just little chicks. It’s been magic to see how quickly they’ve grown. It will be so special when we can start gathering eggs from them in a few weeks time.

Through all of the fun–and all of the messes–I am grateful for products that our family can rely on for quality, softness, and freshness. With two soft layers in every sheet, Angel Soft® holds up under pressure and is strong enough to take care of our family. It’s also gentle enough for even the most delicate of us. It is a win for our home. Learn more about it right here on their website.

Happy summer, friends! I’m wishing you days filled with beautiful memories, magical adventures, and lots of love. xo

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