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Off-the-Registry Gifts for Newlyweds

DenaJuly 2, 2016

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Wedding season is upon us. My social news feeds have been lighting up with images of beautiful brides and warm anniversary wishes. I’ve always loved to attend weddings, whether I’m photographing one or attending as a guest myself. There is something so magical about those special days. And, I’m not even going to lie, I cry every time. I cry during the ceremony, I cry during the first dance, I cry during the parent dances. I’m such a sap. I try really hard not to get caught crying when I am the hired photographer. How embarrassing…

Anyway, all of these weddings got me thinking about wedding gifts. For me, that’s always the challenging part. So here’s a little bit of inspiration for you if you find yourself searching for the perfect wedding gift this season.

wedding flowers //

Perhaps you got to the wedding registry too late only to find all the items were already purchased, or maybe you’d like to make your wedding gift a bit more unique. Whatever the reason, these off-the-registry wedding gifts are sure to appeal to any type of couple and secure your present as a standout of the event.

A Special Trip
They’ve likely got their dream honeymoon already set up, but who said vacations have to be one and done? Once they come back from their honeymoon it’s back to reality, but you can ease the sting of heading back to work and normal life by having a vacation set up in the future for them to look forward to. It could be a weekend in a sweet bed and breakfast in a nearby wine valley, a night in a swanky hotel in a nearby metropolitan area, or even a three-day weekend cruise. Depending on your budget and the things you know the couple likes to do, you can really blow their mind with a trip gift. If you’d like to go in on the present with another wedding guest, don’t hesitate, as you can make your present even more impactful with added funds.

Something Just for Them
Want to get them something no one else has? Make it custom. You can’t go wrong when you personalize a wedding gift, and your gift will definitely stand out as one of a kind. It might be home décor inscribed with their wedding date, or even cutlery and kitchenware customized with their initials and the like. Whatever it is, taking the time to get something made just for them is a gesture that will definitely be appreciated. Customizing a practical gift that they can use every day is the perfect balance of sentimental and useful, and sure to be adored no matter what the couple’s personalities are like.

Some Kitchen Help
Does the happy couple love to get their hands dirty in the kitchen? Perhaps it’s the opposite and they have been relying much too heavily on takeout containers of unhealthy foods. Either way, setting them up with a groceries subscription is sure to be an appreciated gift. Companies like Green Chef put together recipe boxes filled with fresh ingredients and provide all the instructions for individuals to make their own masterpiece dishes right in the comfort of their own home. The newlyweds will definitely appreciate taking grocery shopping off of their list of to-dos, and get to enjoy delicious meals for as long as you order the subscription.

A Special Experience
Make their first year an exciting one by giving them a voucher to a special experience. It could be a cooking class, an art lesson, or any other course you think they might enjoy—even a massage class could be the right fit depending on the couple. If you need help coming up with experience gift ideas, check out They have lists of all the experience type of gifts available in a certain area. Simply type in the couple’s zip code and see what’s around them. It could be something as adventurous as skydiving, or even a trapeze lesson. This will definitely be a gift they don’t receive two of, and you’ll facilitate a route for them make new memories to cherish for a lifetime.

If They Own a Home
The newlyweds might have lived together for a while, or perhaps they’re traditionalists that are holding off on moving in together until after the wedding. If they’re purchasing a home or have recently, there’s plenty of work to be done, and their yard might be taking a backseat to indoor renovations. If that’s the case, you can make their home even more inviting by purchasing some landscaping work. Purchase a consultation with a landscape architect and let them envision the home they want to work towards. If you can swing it, pay for the yardwork renovations and create an outdoor oasis they’ll love spending time in.

More personalized wedding gift ideas.

You are certain to find the happy couple the perfect present on their milestone day and to share in their joy with any of these creative ideas. Happy wedding-going to you, friends! xo

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