Our Favorite Kids Books for Autumn

DenaSeptember 28, 2021



Hello, sweet friends! Happy Autumn! Last week we officially entered into my favorite season. The leaves are falling from the trees, there is a crispness in the air, and my little ones are settled into their back-to-school routines. All of it brings so much joy to my heart.

No matter the season, the kids are busy reading and I wanted to share a few of our current favorites with you today. We always have a variety of books pulled out at any given time. We keep shorter picture books out for bedtime reading as well as supplements to what we are learning at the moment. Roman is in third grade now and Marina is in first grade, but she is reading at a third grade level. They are both reading chapter books during their independent reading time. The amount of time they spend reading each day depends on the day, but at minimum they read for about 20 minutes per day and sometimes it’s closer to an hour.

As for picture books, there are a few that we are absolutely loving right now. First off is The Weather Pop-Up Book by Maike Biederstaedt. Maike Biederstaedt is an incredible paper artist and her talent shines in this gorgeous work of art. The book contains five stunning weather scenarios and each spread reveals a meticulously designed landscape showcasing weather events, ranging from a raging sea storm to a luminous rainbow. Each page features an informative description of its weather event and the book closes with sobering commentary on the effects of climate change. Roman especially loves this one and he has had so much fun inspecting the details of each page and sharing them with me.

The next book that we are presently loving is When I See Red by Britta Teckentrup. One of the things that we are always working on in our home is processing our emotions. Anger is one of the harder ones to manage and this book is such a beautiful primer on the aspects of anger that are often hard to articulate. It illustrates how overwhelming it is, how isolating, and even scary. But it also shows anger to be a source of power and an agent for change. My mama heart just adores this for my little ones, and even for myself. We love all of Britta Teckentrup’s books, and this is one of our new favorites for sure.

The other two board books that we’ve been loving lately are I Saw a Beautiful Woodpecker by Michał Skibiński and Tree, also by Britta Teckentrup. I Saw a Woodpecker is the beautifully illustrated journal of Michal, an 8-year-old boy whose ordinary holiday is interrupted by war. Tree is the beautiful story of a tree and all of the life that surrounds it throughout the seasons. I include Tree in almost all of my book roundups because it is always out in our home, a forever favorite.


The chapter books that are pictured here are books taken from box sets that I bought for Roman and Marina at the beginning of summer. Marina, especially, flies through chapter books and oftentimes I can’t get to the library fast enough to keep refreshing her book cache. So I wanted to get box sets for them so that they could just keep reading straight through the summer. I ended up getting the Junie B. Jones – 28 Book Boxed Set and The Magic Tree House – 28 Book Boxed Set and the kids have enjoyed reading through them. Marina is almost finished with both sets and Roman is going to be starting the Junie books soon.

That’s all for this book roundup, friends. I hope you enjoyed it. What have your little ones been reading lately?

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