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parenting decisions + LifebankUSA (a year later…)

DenaSeptember 24, 2016

newborn //

Last time I wrote about cord blood banking, Marina was in my belly. I wrote about some of the many decisions that we make as we become parents. I shared a couple of my favorite photographs of newborn Roman in the hospital. Today, nearly a year later, I am back to talk about this topic again, but this time around I’m sharing a couple of my favorite photographs of newborn Marina in the hospital.

I am so blessed to have been through the miraculous experience of giving birth twice now. My perspectives on motherhood have changed a little bit, but many of the thoughts & emotions that I felt from the very start have remained the same. In my last post, I wrote that although “I have gained some small measure of confidence along the way, deep down, I am still scared all of the time — always questioning each decision that I make. Am I doing the right thing? Is there a right thing?”

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That uncertainty and fear remains, it will always be there to an extent, I am certain. However, I have been working really hard on letting go and letting God. Reading back on my words from the past, I recognize that I have come along in my journey. Gratefully, today, faith plays a much larger role in my life and that faith allows me even more confidence in that I am making the right choices for my sweet little ones.

Speaking of choices, if you happen to be researching cord blood banking for yourself, I encourage you to check out LifebankUSA, a cord blood bank, that is a leader in stem cell banking. Cord and placental banking upon your baby’s birth offers promising opportunities for the treatment of diseases and injuries that your child may experience later in life. It is a fascinating opportunity for parents to consider. Science is truly amazing and each step that we can take as parents to give ourselves peace of mind is a wonderful thing.

Thank you for reading, friends. As always, I am sending you love & light. xo

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