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So Much Change…

DenaJuly 10, 2022

just me

This last year has been filled with so many unexpected twists and turns. In February, I made the decision to return to full-time work outside of the home. Just before I started my new job, my husband went into the hospital and we received the shocking news that he was in end-stage renal failure. In April, our backyard chickens were taken from us due to outdated town ordinances. Throw several rounds of covid and influenza into that mix, plus a scary daycare injury for one of the babies. Then there was me getting laid off for the first time in my life, just 3.5 months after starting the new job. And last, but not least, my Instagram account got irrevocably deactivated after 12 years of pouring my most precious photographs and memories into it were lost forever.

Yea, it’s been a lot and there was a lot more that I won’t mention. We went through more in this last year than many families go through in a decade. But honestly, this has been the story of my life. It’s been wild and tumultuous. It’s also been inexplicably beautiful.

While I have always maintained this space, and I always will–it is after all the only container left for so many of my most precious memories–I haven’t been fully present here in years. I’ve been pulled in one thousand other directions. But always I have had the pull to come back here, to reclaim this space, to plant and tender new seeds and to grow them with intention, love and creativity. I have deeply missed so much of what this space once was to me. And I have missed, too, so much of what I had hoped it would become.

But now, look, here I am. So many things have fallen apart, but maybe this one, very important thing, is going to fall together for me now. Or maybe I should say, rather than passively allowing it to fall together, I am going to make it come together.

Yes, this space is going to become again. There will be some of the old–my thoughts, my experiences, my family, my hobbies. And there will also be new stories. Some wonderful people from my real life have volunteered to share their stories here with you. For this, I am excited and grateful beyond words. Some of the most beautiful souls that I know, will be opening their hearts, and sharing right here in this sacred space of mine. What a dream

My hope is that my content here will be a mixture of personal/inspirational (poetry, free-writing, heart spills) and useful/practical (recipes, how-to’s, crafts, product reviews). I am also going to get my email list up and running again. There will be exclusive content there that cannot be found anywhere else. (Click here to sign up for my email list.)

Ever since my Instagram account was suddenly and unfairly deactivated without warning or recourse it really struck me that I need to maintain multiple avenues of connection with my community. I actually lost some of my Instagram connections forever because I have no way of linking those followers to my new account. By the way, if you were following my old Instagram account, please be sure to follow my new one, @live.love.simple.

Truly friends, I have so much that I want to share with you– things that have been on my heart for years! But time has been short, especially since my twin pregnancy and once they were born. Yet, I am determined to make this happen, so here we go. You should expect to hear much more from me very soon.

This week I will be sharing my first guest post from someone who is very special to me and has an incredible story to share with you. I can’t wait to bring it to you.

Lots of love now and always–

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