Questions on Eating & Sleeping

    Dena March 2, 2014

    How did you introduce solids? Also, does Roman sleep in his own room? And does he fall asleep during the night time feeding? Or do you put him back in bed drowsy? (As you might guess, I am trying to figure out the feeding and sleeping thing over here!) –Cynthia at Living in Neverland Last week I got these great questions from our friend & reader, Cynthia. I always love…

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  • Sweet Peas & Banana Cookies

    Dena January 14, 2014

    Sweet peas & banana cookies for breakfast. Mama forgot the bib. How does he always manage to get it in his nose!? The messier it gets, the happier he is. For that smile, though, I’ll deal with all the messes. Happy Tuesday, friends! xo

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