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    Exercising as a Family: Wellness for the Body & the Heart

    Dena February 6, 2020

    In yesterday’s post I mentioned that it was a gray, February day, and well… today we had more of the same. The fog has been as thick as pea soup all day and a steady drizzle endlessly falls from the sky. It’s a little bit depressing after awhile–we’ve had so much rain this winter–but there is something beautiful in it too. The way the Canadian geese fly in their perfect…

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  • Milkshakes + Moving

    Dena February 3, 2013

    There’s been a lot of hustle + bustle in this house lately. I’ve been getting rid of lots of junk, organizing our office, and getting ready to start switching around rooms. Our bedroom is going to become the baby’s nursery. So our bedroom set is…

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