first day of school

  • First Day of School 2020/2021

    Dena September 14, 2020

    Hello, sweet friends! How are you? Oh my goodness. The last few weeks have been such a whirlwind! But in the midst of it all, we survived our first week of “hybrid” schooling last week. Today is the first day of our second week and we’re ready for it. We have chosen the hybrid option for the first marking period which means the kids are in school 2-3 days each…

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  • Roman Starts Kindergarten

    Dena October 1, 2018

    Roman’s first day of kindergarten was September 5, 2018. It was a day that I had dreaded since the day that he was born. My heart is at once broken and proud all at the same time. He was hesitant and shed a few tears…

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