labor and delivery


    Our Birth Story

    Dena May 20, 2013

    On Sunday, May 5th, I started having light contractions. I had my weekly obgyn visit scheduled for Tuesday, the 7th, but with all the signs, I figured I had better go in on Monday “just to be safe.” As it turned out, I was almost 5 centimeters dilated. My blood pressure was a bit high, so my doctor asked me to go to the hospital to have some tests run…

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  • our hospital bag

    Dena April 19, 2013

    “They” say you should have your hospital bag packed at 35 weeks. And since I am 36.5, I thought I’d better get on that. It’s just about ready to go save for a few last-minute things that I’ll throw in when the time comes. I…

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