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  • Carousel—07.03.10

    Dena July 2, 2010

    Every Friday, I post my favourite links, posts, & resources from around the Web. Expect to learn, grow, & be inspired. – – – – – – – – – 1. Secret Secret Garden Party: My friend Julie has an amazing baking blog. She shares the most delicious recipes & the most gorgeous photographs. I highly recommend checking her out. I loved this post wherein she planned a top secret…

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  • Bleeding Dolphins & Sacred Cows

    Dena May 25, 2010

    The Cove Awhile ago, I watched the Academy Award winning documentary, The Cove. The documentary follows a group of filmmakers, divers, and activists to a sleepy lagoon off the coast of Japan in Taiji. The filmmakers are looking to expose the mass slaughter of dolphins…

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