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  • Carousel — 08.06.10

    Dena August 6, 2010

    Every Friday, I post my favourite links, posts, & resources from around the Web. Expect to learn, grow, & be inspired. 1. But who will speak for the trees?: This is a really important post about the demise of the paper industry & why it…

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  • Carousel — 07.23.10

    Dena July 23, 2010

    1. Eating on the Road: Local Food and Long Distance Cravings: I have fallen so in love with this blog. Part of the experience of traveling is giving up the familiar comforts of home and seeing everything from a new perspective. It’s awkward and frustrating…

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  • Overcome Fear of Flying: Acceptance & the Power of Now

    Dena June 30, 2010

    Die to the past with each moment that passes. If you do this, there will be no suffering in mortal death. Do not resist your fate. Accept your fate, doing anything else is insanity. A Sordid History With Travel Travel has never been a pleasant…

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