twin motherhood

  • must haves for twins

    What You Really Need for Newborn Twins

    Dena September 28, 2022

    Like everything else that I have tried to do since the twins were born, this post took me way longer than I had planned. I initially started writing this for a friend who was pregnant with twins. I wanted to give her a succinct list of what she would really need for newborn twins before they were born. Now, so much time has passed, that her twins are already two-months-old.…

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  • a year later

    Dena August 17, 2022

    Here we are, a year later. Like most people who meet them, I am obsessed with their cheeks–soft and full and perfect. I cannot count how many times I have kissed those little cheeks, at least 30 times a day, every day, if I had…

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  • Hey there, pumpkin…

    Dena October 27, 2021

    I honestly can’t believe that it’s Halloween week. What’s even harder for me to believe is that my twins are 3-months-old today. ⁠ No matter how long I live, I am forever surprised by the bizarre way that time passes. On one hand it feels…

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