• must haves for twins

    What You Really Need for Newborn Twins

    Dena September 28, 2022

    Like everything else that I have tried to do since the twins were born, this post took me way longer than I had planned. I initially started writing this for a friend who was pregnant with twins. I wanted to give her a succinct list of what she would really need for newborn twins before they were born. Now, so much time has passed, that her twins are already two-months-old.…

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  • a year later

    Dena August 17, 2022

    Here we are, a year later. Like most people who meet them, I am obsessed with their cheeks–soft and full and perfect. I cannot count how many times I have kissed those little cheeks, at least 30 times a day, every day, if I had…

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  • On Starting Over Again with Self-Kindness

    Dena July 20, 2022

    During this first year of twin motherhood, my physical wellness has slipped away once again. Mentally and emotionally I’ve done remarkably well. I’ve been hit with obstacle after obstacle during these 12 months but I’ve handled it all with grace. I’ve remained present. I’ve enjoyed…

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  • Letting Go: One Story of Many

    Dena May 4, 2022

    Shortly after the twins were born, I began writing their birth story. I wanted to write it out while it was all still fresh in my mind. I got most of it written out but I could not bring myself to finish it or to…

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  • Hey there, pumpkin…

    Dena October 27, 2021

    I honestly can’t believe that it’s Halloween week. What’s even harder for me to believe is that my twins are 3-months-old today. ⁠ No matter how long I live, I am forever surprised by the bizarre way that time passes. On one hand it feels…

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  • Surprise!

    Dena February 27, 2021

    We’ve been keeping a little secret since December! We are expecting twins this summer. It is incredibly exciting and I have so much to share about this crazy, new adventure. Stay tuned because I will be filling you in on how the pregnancy has been…

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