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  • 30-day-blogging-challenge

    Day 16: Your Thoughts on Education

    Dena November 16, 2013

    I believe that: education is incredibly important from preschool through to university; that, at a minimum, children should receive schooling until age eighteen; that after schooling, young adults should have the option of university, apprenticeship, or trade school; that education should be free across the board; that the cost of tuition in the United States is outrageous — both for private elementary & secondary schools and for post-secondary education; that…

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  • 3 Super Simple Ways to Reduce Stress, Improve Health, & Live Happy

    Dena March 31, 2010

    Want to know how you can cut your stress in half? How about if there were two things you could change that would drastically alter your stress levels for the rest of your life? Now I bet you really want to know, right? What if…

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