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You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you. —Isadora Duncan

I live on the side of a mountain. Just beyond our backyard is a state forest—Norvin Green State Forest. (If you’d like to see a map, you can look here. We live on Otterhole Road.) It’s a magic place. There are toadstools and goldfish ponds and bear caves and moss beds and fairy houses. I only have to venture out the door and I am in the wild. It’s a constant reminder of: who I am & where I come from → The Forest.

I believe that magic exists all around us and that each of us has an obligation to tap into it and create it in our own lives.

I feel so blessed to live where I do because the magic is so present here. We are blessed with magic trips and visitors all the time. I thought I would share a few photographs that I’ve snapped over the past year to show you what I mean. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Our backyard in early spring.
evolutionyou.net | our backyard

Our camera shy dog—Bella.
evolutionyou.net | our dog

Wild turkey & deer families are regular visitors.
evolutionyou.net | wild turkey family

evolutionyou.net | fawn

The forest goldfish pond.
evolutionyou.net | magic pond

Our favourite visitors are bear families. We begin to see them in the late spring when the babies are tiny. Then in the late summer when our apple & pear trees begin to drop fruit they return to feast! This summer we’ve seen three separate families come through.
evolutionyou.net | our bears

evolutionyou.net | our bears

evolutionyou.net | our bears

evolutionyou.net | our bears

Hope you enjoyed this little peak into my magic life! What magic do you find & create in your own life? I hope this post inspires you.

In love & light,

7 thoughts on “Life is Magic: My Home”

  1. WOW!! Just from the photos I can imagine how breath-takingly beautiful it would be to see with my own eyes. I have been missing America lately so if I ever get back I will have to pop by and have a gander!! 🙂

    And, again with the timing miss… I too believe that magic exists all around us and that each of us has an obligation to tap into it and create it in our own lives…. and I have been really making an effort to focus on this lately.

    I love our sync! xoxo

    1. Aw, thank you love! I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed the post & the photos. I absolutely adore all of our little wild friends. <3

      Wonderful to hear that we are in sync yet again. Keep the magic flowing. XO

  2. Like you, going for a walk in the woods is magical to me. I feel happier and more at peace than in just about any other place on earth.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. I’ve seen some of them on instagram. The bear ones scared me to death. I have an irrational fear of bears. 🙂

  3. Love the photos and the bears especially, just be careful with them around.

    Magic for me is being able to do things with family and friends; a constant reminder that we are not alone in this journey.

  4. Dear Dena,

    I’ve been reading here for a while now but never commented – but today is the day!

    You always inspire me.
    I love your honesty, that you don’t claim to be perfect but open up on your deficiencies as well.

    Thank you so much for your output. I appreciate it every time!

    Love, Kathy

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