DenaDecember 1, 2014

The 52 Week Project – A portrait of my son, once a week, for one year.

48/52 — Playing with “Joey the Elf” before breakfast. See that scratch beside his right eye? He fell at his cousin’s birthday party over the weekend and got scratched on a raised tile. Luckily he closed his eye just in time & the scratch only extends up onto his eyelid and didn’t affect his actual eye. He was a trooper and cried for just a minute — more out of shock than pain — but I was shaken up for the rest of the party. I know that these things are inevitable, but they don’t get any easier.

In happier news, it’s December and we started our advent calendar this morning! This weekend Roman will have his picture taken with Santa and we can’t wait to see how that goes! He’s absolutely enamored with jolly, old Saint Nick and looks for him everywhere. He calls him “Ho Ho” and it’s the sweetest thing.

Happy December, friends!

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