5 Health and Wellness Tips for Winter

DenaDecember 4, 2020

Winter is a polarizing season. People either love it (coziness, holidays, decorations galore) or hate it (cold, cold, and more cold). But if there’s one thing people can agree on, it’s that winter should be a time of comfort (and alright, a little overindulgence).

Between quarantine and rich holiday food, personal wellness can use some extra attention during the winter months. Read on for some tips to stay healthy this season.

Move That Body
With snow falling outside and a crisp chill to the air, the desire to curl up on the couch with hot cocoa and a movie is almost irresistible. But just because the bears are in hibernation doesn’t mean you should be, too. Your body will soon feel worn and tired with that kind of routine (or lack thereof).

Here are some ways to exercise when the weather outside is frightful:

Group exercise – Fitness with friends will keep you motivated and help you lose more inches. Fitness Blender puts out virtual workouts that you can enjoy with family or friends.

Swimming – Craving that summer beach experience? Replicate it as best as you can with a trip to the pool in your favorite swimsuit! Swimming is a great way to engage your muscles without putting excess strain on your joints. Just make sure that you equip your swimming pool with a pool heater.

Face the fray – Not all winter workouts have to be indoors! If you need fresh air, grab some proper gear and try snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing.

Nourish Yourself
Now, we’re not saying to deny all holiday indulgences. It wouldn’t be winter without a warm snickerdoodle or gingerbread cookie. But like all things, balance is necessary.

If you’re not sure where to start, try to focus on whole foods—as in, stay away from the middle grocery aisles packed with sugary snacks and preservatives. And if inspiration is an issue, incorporate some new seasonal recipes into your regular rotation! Healthy doesn’t have to mean flavorless.

Make Time to Relax
The new normal of working from home has turned the 9-to-5 workday into a 9-to-whenever day. Work and family time can blur together when stuck in one location.

Finding ways to relax and unwind is a must during the colder months. Here are some of our favorite de-stressing techniques, no matter the weather:

Take Care of Your Skin

Developing a special winter skin care routine will do wonders for your well-being. Cold winds and blasting indoor heat can lead to dry skin. Taking extra measures to moisturize will feel amazing and nourishing. Choose organic lotions and soaps with extra moisturizers such as coconut oil and shea butter.

Reading – Put down the stressful news articles and join a virtual book club or visit your local library to crack a new title.

Natural supplements – Essential oils and supplements can help you unwind after a long day. CBDfx makes organic CBD capsules with both daytime and nighttime options.

Baking – Yeah, yeah, we just said nutrition is important. But so is feeding your soul! Get your Great British Bake-Off on, and whip up some classic peanut butter cookies or a fresh apple pecan tart.

Create Routine
You’d think it’d be easier than ever to establish a self-care routine during quarantine—hello, you’ve got nothing but time! Ironically, it’s harder to establish what “regular” even means when everything happens from the comfort of your home. Why get dressed when you can wear pajama pants to work?

Start your morning off on the right foot and try a ten-minute free-writing session to clear your head. Need help with tracking tasks? Give bullet journaling a try. Wind down at night with a consistent skincare routine. Find simple habits to center ground yourself with.

Boost Your Immune System
Winter is notorious for spreading flus, colds, and overall maladies (most likely from being stuck inside—keep that air circulation going!).

Here are a few tools beyond nutrition and exercise to boost your body’s immune response:

Daily dose of vitamins – Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner may include all the vitamins and minerals you need, but an extra boost of vitamins never hurt anybody. Emergen-C’s Vitamin C powder is jam-packed with essential health-boosting nutrients.

Restorative sleep – You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Sleep is one of the main building blocks of your immune system. Try some ambient music tuned to a relaxing frequency for bedtime.

Ample hydration
– Skin cracking? Feeling drained? Water is the miracle elixir for most basic health concerns. If you need help getting in those twelve cups a day, invest in a smart water bottle.

Cold Weather Care
Whether you’re a winter wonderland enthusiast or a grit-your-teeth-until-it’s-over hibernator, these tips will help you stay rested and healthy over the cold months. Stay warm and stay well!

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