A Halloween Bust

DenaNovember 4, 2013

Halloween ended up being a bust this year. For the past few years, this year included, we’ve had terrible weather on Halloween. Last year we had Hurricane Sandy and the year before that we had a crazy snow & ice storm. Luckily this year wasn’t catastrophic, but it was wet & nasty. The eery fog & drizzle made it a perfect day for cuddling up under blankets & watching scary movies; but it was awful for trick-or-treating. My sister had to work on Halloween and even though she got out of work early, we still didn’t end up getting out until a half-hour before Roman’s bedtime (5:30 PM). We’d only gotten to about ten houses when little man was out like a light. Between my little sleeper and the nasty weather, I decided to call it quits. We only got home an hour later than Roman’s bedtime, but that was enough to throw him off. He was so overtired that he protested sleep for three hours. I finally got him down but he woke up the next morning in a sour mood. I am really going to think twice before I mess with his bedtime schedule again!

Oh well, even though it wasn’t perfect we had a nice time with my sister & her little guys. We got some sweet treats and we all survived Roman’s 1st Halloween. 😉 It’s a good thing we got our Halloween celebration done early this year.

I hope that you had a lovely Halloween & weekend! xo

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  • Kay

    November 4, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    I was actually surprised that the weather here was decent for Halloween, it rained a bit towards the end, but atleast there was no snow. (What was with that snow storm in 2011? Craziness)

    We ended up calling it quits early because we went with Reagan’s half-brother and cousin, who are 4 and 2. Tired and cranky 2, 4, & 5 year olds walking? No fun at all!

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