Blogging Challenge Day 1: Your Blog’s Name

DenaNovember 1, 2013


Those of you who have been following me for awhile will know that Live, Love, Simple wasn’t always the name of my blog. My blog used to be called Evolution You. When I started blogging publicly back in July of 2009, my goal was to be a self-improvement blogger. I wrote about what I called, “My Journey from Darkness to Light” — the story of how I overcame depression & anxiety and lost sixty pounds. I wanted to name my blog Evolution because I wrote about my own personal evolution and my hope to inspire others. Not surprisingly, the domain name was taken, so I settled on Evolution You.

About a year ago, the focus of my blog started to shift. I was no longer writing about self-improvement and personal development. That part of my life had come to a close. I began to write more personal posts about my life and the things that I love. I had been thinking about changing the name for awhile and Live, Love, Simple kept sticking out in my mind. I was surprised to find that the domain was available and the rest was history. The “live” and “love” in the name are pretty obvious. The “simple” comes from my passion for simple living.

* * *

I hope that some of you will join in on this blogging challenge & write about your blog’s name, too! If you do, please leave a link below in the comments so that we can all check it out! xo

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