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1. Screw Robin Hood: New Study Claims Credit Card Rewards Take from the Poor to Give to the Rich: When I paid off my credit card debt https://livelovesimple.com/financial-freedom-fall/ earlier this year, it felt like the weight of the world fell of my shoulders. This post explains why.

2. How To Rent An Expensive Apartment For A Budget Price When Traveling: Another outstanding post by the wonderful Wandering Earl. His common-sense, no nonsense approach to travel inspires me every time.

3. Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed: Wow! If you’ve been settling for a job you hate just so that you can maintain your “comfortable” lifestyle, this is your wake up call. Awesome post, well said.

4. Manual for Climbing Mountains: Simple, sweet, and motivational advice from one of my favourite authors—Paulo Coelho.

5. 20 Ways to Create Happiness and Defeat Depression: I absolutely love this feel-good list of ideas to create happiness. Most of the ideas are simple, but have a look at this list when you’re feeling down. You’re guaranteed to find something that will cheer you up.

6. Famous last words: Somewhat sad, somewhat fascinating!

7. Passing the maté cup: Incredible story of one traveler’s journey while stranded in Paraguay. Confirmation that people really are inherently good.

8. Do Solo Female Travelers have it Easier than Guys Traveling Alone?: Great question! Two interesting perspectives. What do you think?

9. 35 Breathtaking Examples of Road: The names says it all, absolutely stunning!

Happy Friday the 13th, loves! I just came out of my minor surgery about an hour ago. Thank you all for the thoughts & prayers. Everything went well. I will be out of commission for a few days so feel free to send love my way! Have a gorgeous weekend.

In love & light,

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    1. @ J.D. – Awesome! So happy to hear that you enjoyed the shots of the road. Some of them really are breathtaking. So, you’re a road warrior? I love that! Are you on the road now or planning your next trip? 🙂

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