• Springtime Favorites

    Dena April 13, 2021

    Pulling out a few of our favorite springtime things for after school reading & spelling practice today. It’s been raining nearly nonstop these last couple of days. Hello, April showers. The magnolia trees and cherry trees are dropping their blossoms to the earth, making the ground look like it’s been covered in spilled paint. It’s so dreamy. I just love the promise that spring holds, even on rainy days like…

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  • Just Right Reader Book Subscription Kits

    Dena April 5, 2021

    Reading has been a lifelong love affair for me. I am so grateful that my little ones share my love for reading and are great readers themselves. When I was a new mom, I read that reading to children every night would make a huge…

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  • What We’re Reading // 001

    Dena January 16, 2020

    I’ve been wanting to implement a “What We’re Reading…” feature for a long time. Books are so important to me and I am so grateful that my children also have a love of reading. One of my stretch goals for 2020 is to read 52…

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