• Roman Starts 1st Grade

    Dena September 20, 2019

    Roman started 1st grade a few weeks ago. This, like many of the milestones of his childhood, was bittersweet for me. I was reading through old blog posts the other day and I stumbled upon this one that I wrote when Roman was 3-weeks-old. In…

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  • Down by the Bay

    Dena August 26, 2019

    Every summer at the end of July, my family took a trip to the seaside. Through my childhood, those trips gave me life. I looked forward to it all year and there was so much magic in it all. My heart still explodes with joy…

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  • Keeping Our Bathroom Fresh

    Dena July 30, 2019

    Thank you Angel Soft® for sponsoring this post. Ditch the spray and switch to Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender-Scented Tube. Lately, I’ve found myself wondering if I am running a household or a zoo, in the best way possible. The population of our house has…

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  • I always have.

    Dena July 15, 2019

    “And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” I am sitting at my desk. It’s Monday morning. I am trying to work but mostly I’m just distracted by the beautiful cacophonous laughter of my babies playing in the next room,…

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  • Divorce: A Mother’s Perspective

    Dena June 20, 2019

    A long, long time ago when this blog was still in its infancy, I had a column called, “Ask Dena.” I invited my readers to share their pressing life questions with me & I answered them with gentle guidance & love. One time, a reader…

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  • It’s the Little Things: Family Time Well Spent With the Littles

    Dena May 2, 2019

    As a parent, it’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. You get up Monday morning to start your busy weekday lives only to go to bed Sunday night to do the same thing all over again Monday morning.…

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  • Easter 2019

    Dena April 29, 2019

    Once Easter arrives it always feels like spring is truly here. We celebrated the day with family, Easter egg hunts, and lots of love. On the night before Easter, after I tucked my babies into bed, I told them the story of the Resurrection for…

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  • Mom Hack: Keeping Little Hands Clean!

    Dena April 12, 2019

    Thank you Brawny® Tear-A-Square® for sponsoring this post. Think of all the ways you can Put a Square There! How are you, friends? It’s finally beginning to feel like spring around here for more than a fleeting moment. It has been such a dream watching…

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  • A Mommy & Me Birthday Breakfast Date

    Dena March 11, 2019

    I can’t believe that my baby girl turns 4 this month! Can someone please explain how that happened? Because I swear it was just yesterday that we were celebrating her 2nd birthday… I have no idea how it happened, but I do know that we…

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