• Viva Las Vegas

    Dena August 20, 2012

    It’s difficult to experience a city while traveling for work. Still, I try to get a flavor as I go. Last week was spent in “Sin City” Las Vegas. The way I felt about Las Vegas is the way that I feel about a lot…

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  • vegas

    Dena August 15, 2012

    sometimes it is 6:23 pm on some golden august afternoon and i am laying on a bed on the thirteenth floor of some las vegas casino hotel and the sun is shining in through the window just so and i think that this life is…

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  • A Gift from Far Away

    Dena June 26, 2012

    We arrived home on Saturday to find a special package waiting for me. It was a magical little gift that had come very far indeed. My dear friend―Andrew Caldwell―is taking an iPhone photo per day while travelling the world in 2012. The package came all…

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  • Our Honeymoon in the Caribbean

    Dena June 25, 2012

    We returned from our honeymoon yesterday. We had a lovely time. We cruised out of New York and made our way to the warm & (mostly) sunny Caribbean. Our first day after arriving was spent on the island of Grand Turk in Turks & Caicos.…

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  • Disney: Epcot Fireworks

    Dena June 14, 2012

    My last day in Disney was waking up with the sunrise (again!); working too hard; stressing too much; making new friends; and enjoying the magical Epcot fireworks at night. The best part of that day was knowing that the next day I’d be headed home.…

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  • Disney World: Epcot

    Dena June 12, 2012

    On my second day in Disney, I was up with the sunrise. It was a full day of work. When late afternoon finally arrived, I ventured into Epcot with a couple of friends. The World Showcase in Epcot is one of my absolute favourite places…

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  • when you wish upon a star.

    Dena May 26, 2012

    As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve recently returned from Disney World. Although I was there for work, I hopped on a super-early flight on the first day so that I could spend it in the Magic Kingdom. It was magical. We hit all…

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  • disney magic.

    Dena May 23, 2012

    This past week has been my company’s annual conference. This means sixteen hour days on my feet, cranky co-workers, and more stress than you can shake a stick at! (All of this and less than two weeks out until my wedding… yikes & yay!)Still, the…

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  • Adventuring in New York City

    Dena April 2, 2012

    On Saturday, I had the most wonderful visit with my dear friend, Andrew Caldwell. AC recently took off from Perth, Western Australia on a round the world trip through America, Turkey, and India. (Follow his adventures here!) On Saturday we met up at Port Authority…

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