Ice Cream at Sunset & Sweet Tooth Gift Ideas

DenaSeptember 17, 2019

Hello, sweet friends. It’s September and we’ve already moved through the heart of back to school season. Roman is settling in nicely to first grade and Marina is about to start pre-k next week. I’ll have a little post about Roman’s first day up soon, but in the meantime I am finally getting caught up with sharing a bit more of our summer. I took these photos on our last night at the ocean back in July. It was such a beautiful moment. The sound of the sea across the boardwalk. The glowing warmth of the setting sun. My babies enjoying their favorite sweet treat, ice cream. This memory will stay in my heart always.

Speaking of sweet treats, I’ve got some gift ideas for the sugar lovers in your life today too. Enjoy a few more photographs from that magical evening and then read onto the sweet tooth gift ideas below.

Everyone can name at least one sweet treat that they enjoy indulging in on occasion. However, there are some people who can’t live without sweets. They’re constantly in search of the next cool dessert. They’re one of the first to try new combinations and candies. Ask them their favorite meal of the day and chances are they’ll say dessert. So, when it comes to buying gifts for someone like this you know you can’t go wrong with a sweet treat. Below are some inspirations your loved one will absolutely enjoy.

Chocolate Lovers
Just about everyone is a fan of chocolate. Whether your preferred is milk, white, or dark chocolate the delectable taste as it melts in your mouth is uncanny. If you’re looking for gifts for chocolate lovers, then the skies truly the limit. You could go with a traditional box of candy or chocolate bar, or you can think outside of the box. Springing for something like a chocolate drink or chocolate-covered bacon is an awesome idea. A fondu set would also suffice so they can melt and enjoy chocolate on whatever they please.

Ice Cream Lovers
If chocolate isn’t their thing, then ice cream is probably on their list of favorite sweets to eat. There are a few general and creative ideas to consider in this category. You can treat them to some ice cream at a shop with tons of flavors and toppings. You could also purchase an ice cream maker with all the ingredients for them to indulge in fresh homemade ice cream at home.

Baked Good Lovers
Know someone who loves anything baked? From cookies and cake to pastries and brownies, they love it all. Well, if that’s the case there are a lot of gift ideas they could appreciate. You can order them a cake or cookies from their favorite bakery. You can buy the ingredients to make fresh donuts at home. You could also get creative and bake them your most loved baked goods.

Healthy Sweet Tooth
There are some who have a sweet tooth but realize too much sugar isn’t good for their diet. In this instance, you can still get the sweet treats they can snack on. You could make homemade popsicles from fresh fruit. You can make smoothies from their favorite fruits and veggies. You could get angel food cake topped with fresh fruit. There are also a lot of sugar-free recipes. You can try baking something yourself or purchasing them a cookbook to bake themselves.

If the person you’re shopping for loves sweets and has the culinary skills to create their own, then cookware is right up their alley. You can purchase baking pans, blenders, cookie cutters, zesters, juicers, spatulas, spoons, etc. There are also kitchen devices that help to make baking easier. A cake pop maker, for example, is a neat buy for someone with a sweet tooth.

Candy Lovers
Candy is a common trigger for people with a sweet tooth. There are so many types and varieties to choose from. From soft and chewy to hard and sour, the list is endless. You can surprise this candy lover in a few ways. One gift idea might be to sign them up for a candy box membership. They’ll receive a shipment of different candy on a monthly basis. You can also purchase a candy making kit. There are also a lot of fun ways to toy around with chocolate and make your own treats. All you need is a mold, some chocolate chips, and other fillings you might use and you’re good to go. Make your own chocolate and peanut butter cups or turtles with caramel and nuts.

Non-Edible Items
There are some gifts that you can purchase that aren’t edible but will still be loved by someone with a sweet tooth. Candles with sweet scents are a nice touch. You can purchase pillows, linens, wall art, paintings, or other home decors with sweet prints on it like candy, donuts, or chocolate. There are also aprons, cake decorators, special-shaped baking pans, cake holders and covers, cupcake stands, cake pop racks, and more. They also have sweet flavored lip gloss and perfumes, clothes with sweets imprinted on them, and other small items you could purchase.

Dental Treatment
This one might seem strange but all those sweets could really be bad for your oral health. You can surprise your loved one with the sweet tooth with free dental services. You can pay for their teeth to be cleaned or whitened to ensure they keep that bright smile intact.

The lure of sugar is a tough one to overcome. Everyone has some sort of sweet treat that draws them in. Which is why they make the perfect gift ideas. Whether the person you’re shopping for loves chocolate, ice cream, baked goods, or candy, there’s something on the market that they’ll be anxious to try.

I hope that you enjoyed these sweet gift ideas and my little loves enjoying their own sweet treat. xo

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