ice cream


    Ice Cream at Sunset & Sweet Tooth Gift Ideas

    Dena September 17, 2019

    Hello, sweet friends. It’s September and we’ve already moved through the heart of back to school season. Roman is settling in nicely to first grade and Marina is about to start pre-k next week. I’ll have a little post about Roman’s first day up soon, but in the meantime I am finally getting caught up with sharing a bit more of our summer. I took these photos on our last…

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  • Ice Cream is Always a Good Idea

    Dena May 25, 2018

    It’s Friday and Memorial Day Weekend is kicking off! Despite what the calendar says, around here Memorial Day Weekend means summer is beginning! It is such a fun & exciting time of the year for us. With summer on the horizon, the magic of warm…

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  • spring afternoons + maternity leave

    Dena April 13, 2013

    After what felt like the never-ending winter, spring is finally springing around here. Mother nature has been doing a little bit of teasing still. Earlier this week it went up to eighty (summer temperature!) but today it was back down to normal spring temps. I…

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