My Baby Shower

DenaApril 16, 2013

We celebrated my baby shower on April 6th. It was such a labor of love. My mother + my best friend were the lead party planners. But as usual, I had a ton of DIY projects planned for the special day. Lucky for me, my friend was up for the challenge + we spent the weeks leading up to the party knee-deep in mason jars, ribbon, tulle, + bunting in baby boy colours. From the centerpieces, to the prizes, to the games, to the decor — we had a blast putting it all together. The day far exceeded my expectations. My family + friends were so generous. They completely showered me + baby boy with love. It was the best. | seperator

We made the table centerpieces using square glass pieces filled with animal crackers. Then we poked white + yellow flowers into each one (daisies, tulips, lion heads) that I’d picked up at Trader Joe’s the day before.

One of my favourite pieces of the decoration was the baby boy clothesline that we put together. It was so simple. We used a piece of twine with some mini clothespins + strung up the cutest baby boy clothes we could find.

I just adored the wishing well that my friend put together. Early on we decided that we’d ask guests to bring books for baby boy’s wishing well. She got the idea to use a hamper as the well — how practical! She made the sweetest sign to go beside it, It read: “WISHING WELL OF KNOWLEDGE: From Peter Rabbit to Mother Goose, Goodnight Moon to Dr. Seuss, Curious George or Winnie the Pooh, and Guess How Much I Love You… Thank you for bringing your favorite childhood classics to help build a library that will be fantastic.

How sweet is that!? I will cherish it — along with all of the lovely books — forever.

We had such fun planning the games. We had baby word scrambles, match the celebrity with their baby, and guess how many candies. But the most creative + fun game was “Don’t Say Baby.” In this game, everyone starts out with one pacifier necklace. Then, when you catch another party-goer say the word “Baby” you can steal their necklace. Whoever ends up with the most necklaces at the end of the day wins a prize. It’s a real hoot watching the ladies try not to say the word baby at a baby shower! For the prizes, we filled mason jars with sweet, “It’s a boy!” Hershey kisses + topped the jars off with fabric + ribbon.

We had a couple different kinds of favors. First were the baby blue nail polish bottles. I added a sweet craft tag to each one that said, “It’s a boy!” The other favors were handmade, crocheted pins. Each pin had a beautiful flower on it with a pair of little baby booties hanging down. They were so adorable + fun. The booties can be removed from the pins to make wearing the flower a little bit more practical.

Weren’t the cupcakes the cutest? Blue, green, + yellow to match the day’s theme.

And finally, here are some photographs of me + my wonderful family. The first photograph is me with my Auntie Barb. To the right is me + Kristyn — the DIY master.

Here I am with the soon-to-be grandmothers and to the right is the soon-to-be great grandmother, Nonna. | seperator

Thank you to everyone who made my baby shower such a dream come true. My little family is so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so much love. Also, many thanks to our photographer, Darlene of D Puzon Photography.


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