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DenaNovember 19, 2009

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Hello Evolution Fans!

First & foremost, thank you all for your support. I am amazed & inspired by the number of readers and followers we’ve acquired in just a few months.

To thank you all, I am running a competition that will keep the positivity & light flowing. It is called the “Pay It Forward Contest” and it is open exclusively to Facebook Fans of Evolution. (To become a Facebook Fan, simply click the link on the right hand side of this page. Read on for the rules & prize information!

Pay-It-Forward Contest

Cash Prize: $75.00 (US Dollars)


1. Each contestant must submit a message explaining how they have “paid it forward” recently.

Watch the video for inspiration:

2. Paying it forward simply means sharing your happiness & generosity with another person or group of people.

3. Good examples of paying it forward could be:

-Volunteering at a soup kitchen
-Taking your elderly mother to a series of doctors appointments
-Making a donation to your favorite charity

4. It can really be anything! The more detail that you share, the better. All of the entries will be reviewed by myself and a guest judge.

5. The winner will be the person who has paid it forward the best and then Evolution will pay YOU forward for helping to spread the love — $75.00.

6. Remember, the competition is only open to Facebook Fans of Evolution.

7. The deadline for submissions is 12/31 and the cash prize will be sent out in the second week of January.

8. Each person can only submit one entry.

9. Send entries to my email denabotbyl[@]gmail[.]com!

I look forward to receiving your entries and can not wait to hear about the amazing things that you all are doing to make the Universe a better place!

In Love & Light,

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  • Ryan

    November 19, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    A very creative idea Dena 😉

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