Play Mat Time & Sleep Troubles

DenaJuly 1, 2013

My little Roman James is changing every day. This past week he has really started to “come alive.” He talks (in the sweetest little goo’s and gah’s), he smiles, and he even giggles! It’s incredible, he’s becoming a social little creature. He’s developing physically, too. His neck has always been strong and he’s always been the strongest little kicker & puncher — but now he is starting to use his arms & legs in more coordinated ways. He seems to be feeling things with his feet and he has started to “bat” with his hands. He’s interacting with the toys on his play mat in new ways, too. (By the way, we have the Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym. It’s adorable!) Watching him learn & grow is just the sweetest thing ever.

As for me, well I’m not quite as spunky as the little guy these days. As we approach the two-month line, we still have lots of sleeping issues. For eight weeks, baby boy spent every night in mama’s arms. In other words, yes, I held him all night every night and nursed him to sleep over and over and over again. In the beginning, we tried all sorts of methods to get him to sleep on his own but it always ended in excessive crying which was just too much for our tiny little guy. So, I gave in and accepted him in my arms. At least we got some sleep that way.

Roman doesn’t do too well with his naps either. He sleeps like a log in a moving car or stroller and he tends to take good naps when we’re out and about, but when we’re home it’s another story. He takes too short naps or no naps at all. This leads to a cranky, overtired baby and the cycle goes on.

Now that we’re nearing two months, we’ve reignited our “healthy baby sleep” mission. We started with some light “sleep training” this weekend. It’s left us all bone-tired but I think we’re making progress! If it ends up working out, I’ll come back and share our methods.

Have a lovely Monday and if you get plenty of sleep tonight — enjoy some for us will ya? 😉

* * *

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  • amy

    July 1, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    good luck with the sleeping issues. 🙂 you’re doing well to start some light sleep training — as you know we had a year of sleeping problems here so if you ever need some ieas or tips you know where to find me xx

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