Pregnancy Update // 31 Weeks

DenaJanuary 28, 2015

How far along are you? 31 weeks.

Sleep: Okay, I’m just going to start playing the sad trombone now because that’s just where this “sleep” conversation is headed. I’ve been pretty optimistic and counting my sleep blessings thus far in this pregnancy, but this past week, things have just gotten awful. My hip pain seems to grow worse every night. I have to run to the potty at minimum every couple of hours, and for some reason, when my bladder gets full baby girl decides that it makes the perfect punching bag. So comfortable, let me tell you.

The nights are long and hard. And yes, I know that they’re going to get longer and harder when baby girl arrives.

Movement: It seems that my movement throughout the day rocks her to sleep. When I lay down that’s when she really starts to party. She also tends to be more active just after I start eating — Roman was the same way. Also, I don’t know how to explain this, but there is this section of my placenta along the right side that seems to be tender(?). When she kicks or punches that one area, it hurts like heck! It’s something new to me, never happened with Roman, and I’ve got to ask my OB about it next time I go in. I’m hoping it’s normal.

Favourite Moment: The best moment of this past week was when we finished moving furniture in our bedroom to make room for the bassinet. It’s little preparations like this that make everything feel very real. I also had lunch with a dear friend last week and she bought along the sweetest little baby girl gifts — headbands, a little pink outfit. All baby stuff is adorable, but baby girl stuff — oh goodness. I’m a melting mess.

Cravings: I’m still craving a little bit of everything. Nothing particular standouts. The iron pills seem to be quelling that constant craving for meat that I had been experiencing. I could still eat a bacon cheeseburger with french fries & a large shake every day if I let myself. But you know, I do have some self-control left. We did make a trip to Five Guys late last week and it was epic.

Happy or Moody? I’m generally happy, but like I said last time, when I’m overtired or over-hungry, things go downhill quickly. I’m like a giant, round toddler.

Belly Status: Growing by the day and, according to my chiropractor, baby girl is resting low and head down. Let’s hope she stays right there.

Aches & Pains: Still feeling that awful lower back pain & hip pain. It gets worse with increased activity and is always terrible at night when trying to sleep. Still feeling the occasional round ligament pain. I’m managing the wicked heartburn with apple cider vinegar — a tablespoon in 8 ounces of water before any “risky” meals does wonders. I still have to be careful about everything I eat, though, especially before bed.

Looking Forward To: Our garden! Matthew has been hard at work planning out this year’s gardens and I can’t wait to see things grow. I have visions of sitting outside in the sun and working in the garden with my little helper, Roman, while baby girl relaxes in the shade. It’s such a sweet vision to hold onto through these lousy, cold winter days.

Changes to the Home: Operation: Declutter 2015 is well underway and we’ve made a ton of progress. It’s seriously exciting. This past week we decluttered and reorganized our bedroom; started assembling the bassinet; and finished culling all of the toys. Woo hoo! I’ll be making a full post on this topic sometime soon.

That’s all for this update. Hope you’re having a great week, friends. xx

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  • Suzy

    January 28, 2015 at 10:51 am

    Have you tried doing cat cow poses at night before bedtime? Our Bradley Method instructor highly recommended them, building up to about 30 each night. It really helps loosen up the lower back. And the chiropractor is lovely, which you know now, hee hee.

    Good luck mamma! You are looking so lovely: )

  • Tina

    January 28, 2015 at 11:51 am

    Can’t wait to see your garden! And baby girl!

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