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DenaMarch 25, 2013 | separator

SHARE. Like so many others, I love to get lost in the vortex of Pinterest. There is so much beauty + inspiration there. For me, it’s definitely the most addictive of the social media outlets. Sometimes I find a board that stops me in my tracks + takes my breath away because it’s so lovely. That’s how I felt when I found this one. Too good not to share.

WANT. I still haven’t shaken this awful cold. And the situation has turned rather desperate. I went through an entire box of tissues yesterday + I kept Matthew and Bella up all night with my coughing. It seems to be all about congestion + I’ve heard amazing things about the Neti Pot. So I am going to get one today. I’m a little bit nervous (it looks kinda scary, no?) but I’m super excited about anything that might offer me some relief!

WAIT. Last time I did one of these I was looking for the perfect maternity dress. Good news is that I found it. It’s a pretty, coral, tiered dress from A Pea in the Pod. This morning I ordered these sandals to go with it. So now it’s a waiting game until they get here. I hope they fit because my photos are scheduled for Saturday!

LOVE. It’s not often that I fall in love with a blog. I try to keep my Google reader subscriptions to a minimum. Otherwise it gets too overwhelming. But once in awhile something comes along that totally latches onto my heartstrings. That’s what happened when I stumbled across Frills for Thrills. I started reading through Sarah’s archives (especially her posts during pregnancy) + I was just charmed by her sweet little family. | separator

Happy Monday! xo

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