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DenaMay 31, 2013


SHARE. I’ve been wanting to do a photo challenge for ages. Only it seems like every time I find one, it’s halfway over. Not this time, though! I finally found a challenge at just the right time and I am so excited to participate in the June – I Heart Faces challenge. It’s been hard to remember to pull my camera out while constantly balancing a baby on my hip/breast/arm — so I’m hoping that the challenge will inspire me to get behind the lens at least once a day.

WANT. I’ve been wanting chickens forever and ever. I think that they are so beautiful and I love the idea of having fresh eggs. I am finally getting around to doing the necessary research to make it happen. Right now, it looks like we may acquire some feathered friends in spring 2014. If you have ever kept chickens/have any advice — please let me know! I’ll need all the help I can get.

WAIT. I am seriously jonesing for a camping trip. This time of year we usually try to get out and spend a few nights in our tent. But with a newborn, it’s probably not going to happen this spring/summer. I am holding out hope for a mild autumn so that perhaps we can pull something off in September when Roman is a little bit bigger.

LOVE. This post’s love shouldn’t come as a surprise. I just cannot get enough of this sweet face. Seriously, I mean, look at those cheeks. It’s all I can do to keep from smothering him in kisses all day and all night long.

Happy Friday, loves! Have a beautiful weekend. xo

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