Six-Month-Old Marina Grace //

Six-Month-Old Marina Grace

DenaSeptember 29, 2015

Six-Month-Old Marina Grace //

This month, we celebrated Marina’s half birthday. Some moments, I think, “Six months already?” and other times it feels like she’s been with us for an eternity. But that’s life. The days drag yet the year’s fly by.

This month started out like many others, with lots of challenge from Marina. But then, about halfway through, incredible changes began to occur. The only way I can explain it is that things just started to get better. She cries less frequently; she chills out by herself for longer stretches; and she’s just generally happier & more content.

This month we went on a family outing that was — for the first time since she was born — a total pleasure from start to finish. There simply aren’t words to explain how grateful I am to be typing these words. My eyes are actually welling up with tears just thinking about it. There are just no words. It has been so hard — hands down the hardest life experience I’ve ever had — but we made it through. I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say on this topic in the future, but for now I’ll just use two words to sum up how I’m feeling: grateful & joyful.

Over the past month, she started solids; she rolls over like a champ; she wiggles all over the place; and she’s trying to push herself up into a crawl. She’s still exclusively breastfed as far as liquids go.

We tried a bit of sleep training a couple days after she hit the six-month mark, but it was a joke. Her pediatrician warned us that it doesn’t work well with “stubborn” babies, and my-oh-my, was she ever right. Sleep training only made Marina ever angrier and her bloodcurdling screams ever louder. Curiously, she did take three beautiful naps in her bassinet on the first day that we tried it, but since then, trying to get her to sleep alone only ignites her fury.

As such, I still sleep on the couch with her every night and lay down with her for all of her naps at home. Gratefully she also sleeps nicely in the car and stroller now for naps while we’re out and about. Side note, she still wakes up immediately and will not go back to sleep if the car/stroller stops moving.

Anyway, we’ve put a big hold on sleep training for now. There’s been so much general improvement that we’re just basking in the joy of some return to normalcy in our lives.

We are so very in love with this sweet, gorgeous girl of ours. Watching her begin to explore and discover the world just makes my heart burst. Finally seeing her smiles outweigh her tears is the greatest gift I could hope for.

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