• Six-Month-Old Marina Grace //

    Six-Month-Old Marina Grace

    Dena September 29, 2015

    This month, we celebrated Marina’s half birthday. Some moments, I think, “Six months already?” and other times it feels like she’s been with us for an eternity. But that’s life. The days drag yet the year’s fly by. This month started out like many others, with lots of challenge from Marina. But then, about halfway through, incredible changes began to occur. The only way I can explain it is that…

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  • Five-Month-Old Marina Grace

    Dena August 24, 2015

    I know that Marina’s monthly updates have been sounding like the most terrible broken records. But guess what!? I’ve finally got some good news to share! I can’t report that everything has changed overnight and that it’s all sunshine & rainbows — but we have…

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  • Four-Month-Old Marina Grace

    Dena July 29, 2015

    Marina Grace is four-months-old. She recently rolled over from her back to her belly. She’s been trying for awhile, but her arm always gets in the way. She hasn’t done it again since, but she’s getting close and growing stronger every day. Her favorite thing…

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  • late june walk // a little life update

    Dena June 30, 2015

    Hello, friends! Yes, I’m still alive. I know it’s been super quiet around here. That is because it’s been anything but quiet here at home. There’s not much to say about it. We’re coming up on three and a half months of chaos. We haven’t…

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  • Three-Month-Old Marina Grace

    Dena June 22, 2015

    Most of the time these posts start off along the lines of — “I can’t believe my baby is three-months-old already!” — but that’s simply not the case this time around, friends. I can believe it. In fact, if I wrote that she was six-months-old,…

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  • marina grace in june

    Dena June 15, 2015

    We’re just days away from three-months now. Yesterday marked one week since she started reflux medication. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much (if any) change in her “colic.” It’s been an exceptionally difficult few days, but I don’t have the heart to write about it now.…

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  • Baby Wearing & CuddleBug

    Dena May 19, 2015

    So many times I’ve heard it said that every baby is different. When Marina was born and in the weeks following her birth, I thought that the statement was wrong — for us. First off, Marina looked exactly like Roman only with dark hair &…

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