• Easter 2019

    Easter 2019

    Dena April 29, 2019

    Once Easter arrives it always feels like spring is truly here. We celebrated the day with family, Easter egg hunts, and lots of love. On the night before Easter, after I tucked my babies into bed, I told them the story of the Resurrection for the first time. Although they had heard it in church beore, I never got into it with them because I was waiting for my heart…

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  • ☼ HE IS RISEN! ☼ // Easter 2018

    Dena April 1, 2018

    “I want to be part of the fellowship of the broken. The fellowship of the broken believe that suffering is a gift He entrusted to us and He can be trusted to make the suffering into a gift. The fellowship of the broken take up…

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  • He is risen! Alleluia!

    Dena April 16, 2017

    Happy Easter, friends! This Holy Week has been one of deep reflection for me. On Good Friday I sat in church, listening to the story of the crucifixion, and I wept. A couple of days have passed, and now we celebrate the resurrection. My heart…

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  • Tips for Planning an Easter Egg Hunt & Party

    Dena April 11, 2017

    Last Sunday our church had its annual Easter Egg Hunt & Celebration. This year, I was the Chair of the Planning Committee. I was really excited about this task because, although the egg hunt that we attended last year was fun, I knew that we…

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  • Happy Easter!

    Dena April 5, 2015

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. –John 3:16

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  • Easter Sunday

    Dena April 22, 2014

    We had the loveliest Easter celebrations over the weekend. On Sunday we went to my mom’s house for an egg hunt & brunch. After that we headed over to M.’s mom’s house for lunch. Roman was just thrilled to spend the entire day with his…

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