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  • Roman James @ 5.5

    Roman James at 5 Years + 8 Months

    Dena January 30, 2019

    Sometime in the last month, Roman started to read. Of all of the miraculous things I have witnessed in my time as his mother, this has perhaps been the most amazing. Somehow, I have always struggled to imagine that tremendous leap that occurs when a child goes from not reading to reading. It is the most precious of moments–something like the most beautiful light shining into a world of previous…

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  • Roman James @ 4 Years and 2 Months

    Dena July 21, 2017

    Roman is four. Roman is four. Roman is four. I have to say it over and over again, just to get my head around it. It’s already been three months, but even still, I can’t quite believe it. In my mind, he is frozen at…

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  • Roman James @ 22 Months

    Dena March 18, 2015

    Growth & Appearance: You are tall, handsome, strong, and heavy. When stranger’s guess your age, they usually guess that you are three. You have the brightest, bluest eyes and you still have golden blond hair. There is a big extra blond (white) patch on the…

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  • Roman James @ 17 Months

    Dena October 6, 2014

    A lot has happened since last time. I’ll never remember all of it, so I’m just going to pick up with where we are now. Growth & Appearance: You’re huge. Lifting you and carrying you have become downright painful. You are 28 pounds of solid…

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  • Roman James @ 14 Months

    Dena June 26, 2014

    Now that we’ve passed the one-year mark, baby updates will be a bit random (i.e. whenever I have time and remember). I like the format that Ashley uses for her toddler updates, so I am going to follow suit. Technically, he’ll be 14 months on…

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  • Twelve-Month-Old Roman James :: Roman’s Birthday!

    Dena May 8, 2014

    Yesterday my sweet Roman James turned one. We had a quiet day, played in the yard, watered the lawn, went food shopping, and took care of some birthday party preparations. When Papa got home we ate supper — sausage & peppers, one of Roman’s favourites…

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  • Eleven-Month-Old Roman James

    Dena April 9, 2014

    Oh my sweet, little Roman. The past few weeks I’ve been looking at you and thinking — you are not a baby anymore, you are becoming a little boy. Last week you took your first step and since then you’ve taken a few more. You…

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  • Ten-Month-Old Roman James

    Dena March 7, 2014

    A couple of weeks after Roman was born, we received a gift — a large picture frame containing twelve circles, one for each month of baby’s 1st year. At the time, that frame seemed irrelevant to us. Twelve months — ONE YEAR! — it will…

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  • Nine-Month-Old-Roman-James

    Dena February 7, 2014

    I can’t believe it. I know, I know. I say that every month. But nine months is a big one, a really big one. It marks the point at which my baby has been outside of my body for longer than he was inside of…

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