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Roman James @ 14 Months

DenaJune 26, 2014 | toddler

Now that we’ve passed the one-year mark, baby updates will be a bit random (i.e. whenever I have time and remember). I like the format that Ashley uses for her toddler updates, so I am going to follow suit.

Technically, he’ll be 14 months on July 7th, but I don’t like how 13.5 months sounds.

Growth & Appearance: At his one-year checkup, Roman measured 32 inches and weighed 23 pounds & 11 ounces. Still in the top of the charts for his weight and off the chart for his height. I don’t measure him at home, but I do weigh him. Since that checkup, he’s gotten heavier — now weighing in at 25 pounds. It’s getting more difficult for me to carry him — he grows faster than my muscles can keep up.

He is still a bright-blue-eyed, blonde-haired boy. Aside from how cute he is, the number one thing that people comment on is how blond he is. He is a true towhead just like his great-grandfather, Pat. His hair is getting some length to it now. It curls up at the ends. When he was born, his hair was very curly but as it fell out it became very straight. We will see whether he will have wavy hair like his mama, curly hair like his papa, or something else altogether. In any case, I want to grow it out, down to his shoulders. M. isn’t so sure about that idea, but my heart is set on it. | toddler

Eating: He still eats well, however he long ago stopped eating from a spoon. I don’t waste my time anymore. I tried for awhile to supplement his regular food with baby food, but he wasn’t interested. It took so much trickery and resulted in so much waste that I gave up. He wants to do it himself. At this little age, there are so few things that he can really do himself. Eating is one thing that he can do perfectly well on his own, so I let him. Yes, he makes an incredible mess, but it’s a wonderful mess and so long as he eats I don’t complain.

Generally, he eats whatever we eat. His favourite foods are still macaroni and french fries. Gratefully, he also eats just about everything else. He loves bananas, broccoli, asparagus, and corn.

Sleeping: With the exception of when he was sick, he’s been sleeping through the night most nights. For a long time, he had two naps each day, but recently he’s been waking up earlier (5:00 a.m.) nursing and then sleeping much later than before. As such, he has been having one longer nap instead of the previous two shorter naps. This has only been going on a week, so I am not yet certain whether it is a quick phase or a permanent change.

As far as putting him down to sleep, things are far better than they used to be. Nap times are usually quite easy because he runs himself until exhaustion. Bedtime at night can be trickier. It usually takes a couple of goes before I can get him down for the night. I’ve thought about re-visiting sleep training, but I’ve got a larger decision about nursing to make first. Roman still nurses 3-4 times per day — at bedtime, before each nap, and when he wakes up in the morning. In other words, he nurses every time he goes down to sleep. | toddler

Talking: His little vocabulary continues to expand. The words that we can make out for certain are Mama, Papa, Bella, Uh-oh (every time he drops something, so cute!), Ball, and Bath. There are most definitely others that we’ve yet to decipher.

Development: He is strong, fast, and coordinated. He’s entered the phase wherein he wants to climb on everything. This leads to minor heart attacks for his Mama multiple times each day. I am inclined to follow him around constantly and protect him from falls, but M. reminds me that he has to learn on his own, too. It’s a balancing act, literally, and a good metaphor for motherhood in general. I will forever be trying to protect him and he will forever be pushing the boundaries that I set. | toddler

He’s growing more and more independent, or at least wanting to be more independent. He brushes his hair with any brush that he can get his hands on, including his toothbrush… He will try to dress himself in any piece of clothing that he comes across — dressing himself consists of draping the fabric around his shoulders like a cape.

He is smart as hell. If I ask him to get his “paci” (pacifier), he will stop whatever he is doing and go retrieve his paci from wherever in the house that he last left it. This is amazing to me because 1. he fully comprehends what I am asking him for/to do and 2. he always remembers where he last left his paci! …which is more than I can say about me and my car keys.

Our toddler toddles like a champ. He walks 99% of the time and only crawls when there is something insurmountable in his way. He’s quite good at running, too. He loves a good game of chase, especially when he’s darting toward something that he shouldn’t be and I’m running after him like a loon. He walks just as well in shoes as he does barefoot.

Favorites: He’s still not taken to any one toy or blanket in particular. As far as toys go, the water table that he received for his birthday is still a favourite. He plays with it whenever we’re out in the yard. However, of all of the toys in the world, one of the things that he loves to play with best is a dust pan and broom. Even when we are at other peoples’ homes, he will search out those things and play with them. He also loves to put things inside of other things. I find the strangest things in the oddest places!

He just adores Bella. For a very long time she wasn’t sure about him. She is a bit of a nervous girl and she really had to come around. But we are so happy that she finally has. She tolerates all of his antics — and even gets a bit playful herself — and we are so pleased. She can make him giggle and belly laugh no matter how upset he is. She really is his favourite thing in the world.

He also loves other children. We were at the lake a little while ago and he ran straight for any child that he spotted. He would even call out to them. It was very sweet and also a little heartbreaking as none of the children were interested in his advances. However, when he is around his cousins, he really shines. He loves them and they love him. It’s truly sweet and I love giving him opportunities to be social. | toddler

Dislikes & Behavior: Roman doesn’t like getting in his car seat or being in the car. It’s always a struggle to get him clipped in and takes a lot of distracting/bribery. He always wants to be on-the-go and seems to think that being strapped down is for the birds. I’m thinking of finding a way to hang up the iPad in front of him so that he can watch something while we’re out and about. I hate to hear him cry and get so upset in the car when he is typically such a happy boy.

His behavior is generally very good, however signs of a little temper are certainly there. Like most everyone, he doesn’t like to be told no. Also, if you try and take something away from him he will close his fists in a death grip. It’s quite scary, actually, because he is so strong that it becomes difficult to get the item from him which is especially worrisome if he gets a hold on something potentially dangerous.

When he is tired or cranky he will occasionally pinch — very naughty. We’re working on that one.

That’s about all for this update. I think of things to include in these updates at the most random times. I started to keep a running list somewhere so that I wouldn’t forget everything, but I can’t find it now. Sigh. Nobody tells you that having a toddler also fries your brain. 😉

The photographs in this post were taken a couple of weeks ago when he was sick, hence the snotty nose and tired eyes. Thankfully, that’s all behind us now.

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  • Kay

    June 26, 2014 at 11:52 am

    He’s getting so big!

    1. Dena

      July 2, 2014 at 12:57 pm

      I know. Matthew was just saying that to me the other day. It’s crazy when we look at him sometimes. It’s just like… where’s our baby!?!

  • Suzy

    June 26, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    I love these posts.

    Please keep his hair long!! (i tell this to everyone, hee hee) Cutting their hair turns them into a big boy instantly and it’s so sad! And I think boys look so cute with longer hair.

    1. Dena

      July 2, 2014 at 12:58 pm

      Thanks, Suzy. These posts seemed to be very popular when I did the survey a little while back. So I will definitely be keeping them up. Are you going to grow Sam’s hair out??

  • Julie Arnhold

    June 26, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    He’s getting so big! Aubrey loves to climb as well, she stands on the couch, and climbs to the top and leans over the edge – hello heart attack! lol As soon as I pick her up and place her back onto the floor, she climbs back up onto the couch. I let her have her fun and wear herself out but its so nerve wracking! xo

    1. Dena

      July 2, 2014 at 12:59 pm

      Haha.. OMG.. Roman does that on the couch, too. I swear he’s aging me by the hour! 😉

  • Tina

    July 1, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    I wish my daughter ever had a nap time, so jealous. She seriously has never napped since a few months old. Now she’s 3 and I’m still hoping that one day she might nap! Also, I thought all babies loved being in the car!

    1. Dena

      July 2, 2014 at 12:59 pm

      I am so grateful for nap time. I honestly don’t know how you manage without it. I think I would drop dead from exhaustion!! And nope, Mr. Roman hates going in the car. It’s such a nightmare..

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