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    Bloom: A Little Life Update

    Dena May 12, 2014

    bloom (blüm), n. a flourishing, healthy condition; the time or period of greatest beauty: v. to produce or yield blossoms; to flourish or thrive. The past few weeks caught me off guard. I suppose that I knew what was coming, but to some degree, I had my head buried in the sand. I was trucking along for so long and I wasn’t taking stock, not really. A few days before…

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  • Defined

    Dena March 10, 2014

    “It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” –Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility In other words, talk is cheap. When I look back on my life, and define this time in it, I know what I want to say.…

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