Sufi poem

  • There will be hard days.

    Dena August 11, 2011

    A Little Note to My Friends Who Need It, There might will be hard days in your life. And hard weeks. And hard months. And hard years. Hard times will rise up from the depths and try hard to drag you back down there with them. But don’t go. Fight them with all of the might inside of you. Call on the deep reserves of strength that lie in the…

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  • Fate vs. Freewill: How to Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose

    Dena February 9, 2011

    What determines the course of our lives? Is it fate? Are our life paths predetermined by a higher power? Or is it freewill? Are we the masters of our own destinies in a random universe? At least once a day, I say: “Everything happens for…

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