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  • mid-august garden // livelovesimple.com

    in the garden // mid-august

    Dena August 21, 2015

    This past month, the garden has provided us with bounty after bounty. We’ve spent hours in the sun caring and tending. We’ve spent beautiful evenings gathering & harvesting. We eat dinner from the garden at least five days each week and many lunches, too. On top of the bounty, there is the beauty. We’ve spent countless hours just walking around the yard and enjoying the splendor. Birds of all shapes…

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  • in the garden // early summer

    Dena July 1, 2015

    Here are a few shots from around the garden. These are only a week old and everything has changed so much already. The only thing that grows more quickly than my children is my garden! We’ve had several delicious harvests thus far — beats, spinach,…

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  • Our Gardens in June

    Dena June 17, 2015

    It’s been nearly a month since my last garden post, so it’s time for an update and some progress shots. We had a big spinach harvest two weeks ago and a big romaine harvest last week. Both were delicious. It’s quickly become obvious that if…

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