The 52 Week Project – A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, for one year.

18/52 — On yesterday’s walk, I took Roman out of the stroller and put him down in the grass, as I often do, so that we could play for a bit. Typically he does whatever I do — pick dandelions, look for rocks, pick up sticks. But on this day, he had his own agenda. He commandeered his stroller! He was the captain of the ship. Pushing it here and there. Pointing into the distance and shouting out orders. It reminds me of earlier today, when I was at my desk working. I heard him “talking and talking,” I turned around to find him chatting on the telephone (the TV remote control) with somebody and having a most important conversation…

And just like that, my baby is a little boy. When I share next week’s post, I will be sharing a photograph of a one-year-old. It’s like all of the grand things in life. You see other people go through it and you sympathize a bit… but then it happens to you and, despite the fact that you “knew” what was coming, you are shaken to your very core, your heartstrings are pulled & stretched to their very limits.

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