Oh my sweet, little Roman. The past few weeks I’ve been looking at you and thinking — you are not a baby anymore, you are becoming a little boy. Last week you took your first step and since then you’ve taken a few more. You are smart and so, very happy. Wherever we go people comment on your temperament — calm & smiley. I hope with everything inside of me that the peace & joy that fill you now, stay with you always.

You are feisty. You have taken on a personality all your own. You know what you want and you don’t like be to be told no. If you’ve got something in your hands, we’d better not take it away or you get very upset. Gratefully, you’re easily distracted. Everything fascinates you. So long as there is something to listen to or watch, you are happy. They’ve been paving our road this past week and you are happy to stand up on the edge of the couch and stare out the window, watching the big trucks grumble along and the men hard at work. You are babbling all of the time now. We have the loveliest and silliest conversations. Sometimes you yell in joy. You are picking up on more & more. It is always so exciting when you do something that we do, like throw your hands up over your head or wave or laugh or call to Bella. You give the most incredible hugs imaginable. You squeeze me tight with your little arms and press your sweet face into my body and just stay there. I can feel the love radiating from your body. It makes me cry tears of joy thinking about it. I often think that my heart will surely burst with love & gratitude for you.

You are the brightest light of my life. You are my every hope, dream, and happiness come true. All of my life it was you that I was waiting for. Thank you for being my littlest sunshine boy.

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7 thoughts on “Eleven-Month-Old Roman James”

    1. I wouldn’t call it walking…yet. ;] Taking a few steps here & there but we’re getting close. Thanks so much!! <3

  1. I can’t get over those blue eyes! Congrats on the walking, my daughter is so behind-she just finally is now walking (at nineteen months!).

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