Written Monday, September 13
Paris France — Argenteuil Train Station

Yesterday, I came to Paris. On the flight, I was sat next to a man named Charlie—a textile salesman from Westchester. He travels to France twice a year for trade shows. It bothered me that he kept elbowing me even though I gave him the armrest. I took two sleeping pills and a glass of red wine & slept for the duration of the flight (maybe 5 hours or so).

From Charles de Gaulle airport, I took a train toward my hosts’s place. Across from me sat an old French man with an ancient Yorkie in his lap. I fell in love with both of them. I smiled at the man (though I’ve been told not to smile at Parisians). He smiled back, so I asked him—mostly with hand gestures—if I could pet his dog. He nodded yes. Such a sweet dog. The man showed me that the dog had no teeth by lifting its top lip. Such an old dog, but still so happy & so sweet. These two were best friends. It was beautiful.

It was nearly too much for me. My eyes welled up, but I didn’t cry. This is Paris, I thought. Life is so wonderful that I am perpetually overwhelmed with gratitude.

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    1. @ Rahul – Thank you, so glad you enjoyed the post. This is not Paris in the photograph. If you click the link you can find the original location of the photograph. The only similarity is the old man & the dog. 😉

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