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There was something so special to me about our hospital stays following the births of both of my babies. The hospital where I gave birth has a beautiful birthing center and the maternity recovery rooms have a lovely private homey feel. I know that many hospitals don’t afford this luxury to patients (nice, private rooms) and so I feel privileged that our experience was so positive. Even more important than the creature comforts, however, was the care that me & my babies received while we were there.

Several of the maternity nurses that cared for us were some of the nicest, most knowledgeable women that I’ve ever met. I felt so safe and at ease during our stays. Following both births, I had a million questions, and the maternity nurses were always happy to answer my endless stream of questions. They were also quick to make all sorts of helpful recommendations from breastfeeding tips, to the perfect swaddling technique, to what kind of diapers my baby should wear. The diapers that all of the nurses always recommended were Pampers Swaddlers.

Before becoming a mother, I didn’t understand what the big deal was about diapers. I figured that all diapers were created equally — or at least relatively equally — and that there wouldn’t be that much difference from brand to brand. Well, myself, along with every other mom on the planet, knows just how silly that theory was. All diapers are not created equally and there are big differences between diaper brands.

After Roman was born, we went home from the hospital with a package of Pampers Swaddlers that came in our “Welcome Baby” bag. Soon after they ran out and I started purchasing diapers, I went with a cheaper brand hoping to save some money and naively thinking it didn’t matter. All I can say is, “Holy leaks & blowouts!” It didn’t take long until we were stocked back up with Pampers Swaddlers again. Every time I switched away from Pampers, we had messes and even diaper rashes. The other brands that we have tried just did not keep my baby dry and were nowhere near as absorbent as Pampers.

Recently, when I was asked to review Pampers Cruisers & Swaddlers and to test out their new innovations, I was thrilled to do it. These are the two exact types of diapers that my babies are in anyway! (I switched Roman over from Pampers to Cruisers when he started crawling.)

Pampers & Cruisers feature stretchy sides for a comfortable fit and extra absorb channels & an absorb-away liner for dryness. They’re blankie soft, too. I could never give such a raving review about a product if I wasn’t speaking from the heart. These really are the diapers that my babies wear every day and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

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The new Pampers Swaddlers are available at Babies“R” Us. If you create a registry while you’re there, you’ll get a gift of a wristlet & a free sample of the new Swaddlers from September–October.

This post is in partnership with P&G and Pampers. I received samples of Pampers diapers & wipes as a part of this promotion. As always, thank you for supporting the companies that help to make this blog possible.

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  1. I would gift it to my beautiful best friend who is currently expecting her first child in March. She finds out next month what she’s having, and I’m so excited to be there with her throughout this journey!

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