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  • Rainbows & Bandana Bibs

    Dena August 3, 2016

    Okay those two pictures above are definitely my two new favorites. How sweet are my babes? And also, how big are they getting!? (Too big!) Ahhh, I’m so in love with those little faces! The other day we had been planning a late afternoon picnic out in the yard. Finally the time came and we got all ready to head out. Just then we noticed the sky turning dark and…

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  • Baby Soft // Pampers Swaddlers

    Dena September 11, 2015

    There was something so special to me about our hospital stays following the births of both of my babies. The hospital where I gave birth has a beautiful birthing center and the maternity recovery rooms have a lovely private homey feel. I know that many…

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  • Spuni Review & Giveaway

    Dena December 31, 2013

    Life is messy… as evidenced by these pictures. There are crumbs all over my carpet. (Thank you, teething cookies.) Roman’s onesie is unbuttoned. His diaper is about to fall off. There are toys all over my living room. Such is the life of a mama.…

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  • Our Christmas Cards from

    Dena December 23, 2013

    Just as I was beginning my hunt for the perfect paper, Christmas cards, I was contacted by a few different companies about trying out & reviewing their cards. I decided to go with because I loved their beautiful selection of designs & easy to…

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  • Sun Cups {Nut-free Gluten-free Sweetness}

    Dena December 11, 2013

    A little while back, I was contacted by Sun Cups about trying out their sweet goodies. It was a no-brainer. {Chocolate, duh!} Plus, I’ve always been interested in nut-free, allergy-friendly alternatives to food because we have extended family & friends with peanut allergies. Sun Cups…

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  • (A Special Giveaway!) Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament by Gifts Define

    Dena November 5, 2013

    **** THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. **** Today, I am so excited to introduce you to Gifts Define! What is Gifts Define? If you mix equal parts of creativity and whimsy, add just a dash of magic, and perhaps a pinch of childhood delight, you would…

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  • Teething Necklaces by Sarava Designs

    Dena September 23, 2013

    Sometimes I come across an artisan and I just immediately connect with their work. That is how it happened when I came across Sara Johnson’s work and her shop, Sarava Designs. Sara went to college for Textiles & Apparel. Designing and sewing has always been…

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  • Dot & Army Napkins and The Best Guacamole!

    Dena August 21, 2013

    I’ve fallen in love with our new Dot & Army napkins. I have been trying to move away from using paper towels and paper napkins for awhile. Although using them is convenient — it’s not great for the environment and it just seems wasteful. Admittedly,…

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  • Easy Canvas Prints Giveaway!

    Dena July 15, 2013

    This month, I am so excited to partner with Easy Canvas Prints to give away one of their beautiful, 8″x10″ custom canvas prints. This morning I was thinking about what to order for my own print. I have so many gorgeous photos that I would…

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