• A Little Halloween Party // 2017

    Dena October 30, 2017

    Over the weekend, we hosted a little Halloween party at our house. We spent the morning baking cupcakes, dipping marshmallows in chocolate & covering them with sprinkles, and making lots of little fun finger foods. In the afternoon we put on our costumes — Batman,…

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  • October Musings // Magic is something you make.

    Dena October 16, 2017

    Hello, friends! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last updated, too long I think. However, it has been such an incredibly busy season for me. While my heart is always in this space, I always have ideas for posts and projects that…

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  • Introducing Samwell Tarly // Around the Yard In Autumn

    Dena September 21, 2017

    If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably already met him, but if not, here he is. The newest member of our family, Samwell Tarly aka “Sam.” He’s named after my favorite Game of Thrones character, of course. We adopted him from a local…

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  • Wildflowers & Monday Morning Thoughts

    Dena August 28, 2017

    Happy Monday, friends. I hope that you had a lovely weekend. The weather has been so gorgeous here. The oppressive heat & humidity that has been present throughout the summer has finally lifted. It’s been perfect outside — not too hot, not too cold. I…

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  • Wild + Free // You can change or stay the same.

    Dena July 31, 2017

    Here’s what I know. Life doesn’t get better, you get better. You wake up every morning and you are given an opportunity. You can leave your bed blankets in a heap, or your can make your bed and admire its simple beauty. You can feel…

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  • Room Design // Dreaming of Botanicals

    Dena March 8, 2016

    Later this year, I’ll be redecorating a couple of spaces in my home. Namely, Marina’s nursery and my office. In the meantime, these spaces are stuck being uninspiring — to say the least. That doesn’t stop me from daydreaming and planning for the redesign, however.…

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  • Christmas Morning 2015 // Happy New Year!

    Dena January 1, 2016

    Just a few snaps from Christmas morning. I hope that you had a beautiful holiday season, friends. It’s 2016–which is really difficult for me to grasp because I still feel like 1990 was just ten years ago! But such is life. Here’s wishing that the…

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  • A Day in Our Life // with Pavilion Gifts

    Dena September 11, 2015

    It’s been over a year since my last “day in our life” post, which is a little silly considering how much I love these posts. It’s easy to remember to document the big, important, adventurous days. But there’s something to be said for documenting the…

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  • Happy, Healthy, Odor Free // with Fresh Wave

    Dena September 1, 2015

    Do you want to know a secret? Sometimes our house smells terrible! It’s the worst. It’s so embarrassing. We have to constantly stay on top of it. We can’t really figure it out. We’ve lived here for seven years and it’s always been an issue.…

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