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DenaJanuary 21, 2010



“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” —Mother Theresa 



Give Love to All Living Things & the Earth

There are deep wells of love, wisdom, and strength within each of us. There is no limit to the depths of these reserves. When called upon, the love, wisdom, and strength inside of you will carry you through any nightmare. The challenge is not in knowing that these wells exist within you, but rather in learning how to tap into them. And once you know the secret to tapping into them, you will have access to these reserves when you need them most.

The key to accessing your reserves of love, wisdom, and strength is easy. In order to get to these things, to harness and use them, you must give. The more you give, the more you in turn will receive.

Every living thing deserves to be treated with love and respect. This is the law of the Universe, the law of life, light, and truth. If we fail to treat living things with love and respect, we ourselves are doomed to misery. The energy that we put out into the Universe and the way that we treat other living things come back to us.

We all live in an immediate place — a trailer, a cottage, an apartment building, a mansion, a castle, a grass hut — but none of these places are our true home. Our true home is the Earth. It is our common home. We are all one family living in this home. No matter what dwelling we sleep in at night, the Earth is our common home. The Earth sustains us, protects us, and provides for us. Without it, we would not exist. We would float out into the infinite Universe where we could not breathe. The Earth is our home and therefore, we must treat it with love and respect.

Karma and The Law of Attraction

By now, most people have heard of The Law of Attraction. The theory gained popularity over the last several years after the huge success of the book and DVD, The Secret. The main idea of both The Secret and The Law of Attraction is that whatever you put out into the Universe, you will then attract. By sending out vibrations of abundance into the Universe, you can change every aspect of your life. You can attract prosperity, health, relationships, and happiness.

I agree with this idea in theory; however, it has been greatly abused and distorted. Many so-called Law of Attraction experts have taken advantage of this idea and convinced people that all they need do is sit down, send out “money vibrations” to the Universe, and a check will come in the mail. Or that a woman only need sit down and send out “love vibrations” to the Universe and Mr. Right will come knocking at her door. Those things are not reasonable, they are just not going to happen.

Karma, on the other hand (which is similar to the Law of Attraction) is absolutely, and in all regards, real. Everything that comes out of you — each action, word, thought — is absorbed by the Universe and the living beings around you.

For every action, there is an equal (in size) and opposite (in direction) reaction. This is a law of physics. To put it in more modern terms, if a force acts upon a body, then an equal and opposite force must act upon another body. Just as this concept applies to the physical world, it also applies to the spiritual world.

Have you ever had a sensation when you met a person for the first time? For example, say you are at work and your boss comes around to introduce his new receptionist to you. Her face is neutral and she is pleasant enough but you just get a really terrible feeling about her. This is not an illusion, it is a gut-reaction. You are picking up on her energy.

Energy is real and it exists in both positive & negative forms. Actually, each of us has the ability to read this energy; but for some reason we often try to “silence” our gut-reactions. That is a bad habit. You should always listen to your instincts. We have them for a reason (thousands of years of evolution!) and our species would not be what it is today, without them.

In the same way that you are able to read the energy of others, others are able to read the energy of you. All of this energy is constantly circulating and being absorbed into the Universe and, like a boomerang, eventually makes its way back to its starting point. So whatever you had put out in the beginning is what will come back to you at the end, and sometimes it will have picked up even more energy along the way — good or bad depending on what you put off to start with.

What Are You Giving & Attracting?

There is no limit to the various types of energy, action, thoughts, and words that you can exude to the Universe and to the living beings around you. You can exude hatred, fear, anxiety, rage, greed, or envy. You can exude love, kindness, patience, wisdom, strength, or confidence. And you are giving off any number of these things at every single moment. Even when you are at rest, there is energy flowing from you. Have you ever taken the time to analyze all that you are giving?

Stop now, close your eyes, and just feel yourself existing. Feel the energy that is flowing from you and analyze it. How would you describe it? Next, imagine yourself in different situations — when you are riding in the car, talking with your spouse, watching television. What are you giving off in each of those situations? Are you giving off what you would like to be giving off? Is the energy that you are exuding aligned with your values and beliefs?

All of these questions will lead you to awareness. What you will find is that what you consistently give is also what you consistently attract. This is the true Law of Attraction.

Using The Law of Attraction to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

Whether you want to call it The Law of Attraction, karma, being a good person, or simply hard word it does not matter. All of these titles are not relevant. What matters most is the life that you live — and not the life that you “think” you live or would “like” to live — but the life that you actually live. I started this post by talking about the three wells that exist deep within you: love, wisdom, and strength. Those should be the key sources that guide your life. If you focus on letting the principles of love, wisdom, and strength guide you, you will effortlessly lead a life of wonder and beauty.

However, it is not enough to simply exist and live well. If you truly want to live the life of your dreams, you must work for it. You will never send enough “vibrations” out into the Universe to fill your bank account with money or land your dream job or move to Fiji to pursue your passion of seashell-hunting. If you want any of these things you must first become aware and align your thoughts, words, & actions with your values. You must show love & respect to all living things and the Earth. And finally, you must apply the brut
e force of hard work &dedication to accomplishing your goals.


“Everyone wants to be strong and self sufficient, but few are willing to put in the work necessary to achieve worthy goals.” —Gandhi 



Once you get started on your path, you will be unstoppable. You are entirely capable of this. You have all of the tools that you need within you. It is time to get started on your journey.



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