Lovely Day for the Ducks

DenaSeptember 28, 2011 | magic forest

It was another wet morning on our little mountain. This year we have gotten a lot of rain here in Northern New Jersey. In fact, we’ve gotten so much rain that in many places records have been shattered. When it’s raining out my mother always says, It’s a lovely day for the ducks. I can remember her saying that all of my life. Isn’t it such a sweet sentiment? It’s true, too. I pass several ponds on my trip into work and those ducks just love to splash around in the rain! | rainy day

This morning, I slipped on my rain boots and wandered out with Bella for her morning walk. Our forest was covered in a soft blanket of fog. It was damp & cold, but quite magical, too. 

On a sad note, with all of this rain, there has been a lot of flooding and damage to people’s lives & homes. If you would like to make a donation to help flood victims, here are a couple of places to check out:

I hope that your day is full of love & light—no matter what the weather!


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