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Gingerbread Houses (& What Happened to December?)

DenaDecember 27, 2018

Hello, friends! I am going to do a little bit of a catch up. December was a whirlwind for so many reasons. The kids & I got taken down by a virus from hell that left me useless for two weeks. It was terrible. I had two class parties for Roman’s kindergarten class (#ClassMomLife). I launched a new business. I delivered the last of my autumn weddings. I finished the epic task of organizing and backing up six years worth of photos on my iMac. There were also several painstaking legal/divorce proceedings to deal with this month. On top of all that, there was the usual holiday stuff going on like decorating, gift-giving, family gatherings, and so on.

Somehow it all got done, but it came at the expense of my mental & physical health. After four amazing months of happiness, health & productivity, during these last few weeks, I fell off in a major way. It’s painful to look back at how beautiful September, October, & November were–and then see how everything just slid away in December. The reality, however, is that such is life. I am deeply proud of the progress that I made this year. Falling down is always an opportunity to get back up, and better yet, to get back up more focused & prepared than we were before.

I suppose that if there needed to be a time for me to experience this shake up, the cusp of the new year is as good a time as any. There is nothing like a fresh, clean year stretched out before us to push us toward stepping it up, getting back on track, and crushing our goals. And that’s exactly what I plan to do in 2019. I’ve got a lot to say about all that I learned in 2018 and all that I will manifest in 2019. This life journey of mine took such a dramatic (beautiful/magical!) shift in 2018 that it’s nearly impossible to put into words, but I am going to try. Keep an eye out for that post in the coming days.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from Roman’s kindergarten class Gingerbread Social. I’ve written previously about the joy of being a class mom for his class. This experience was one of the highlights of the experience so far. Getting to enjoy this school magic with him is a blessing beyond measure for me. I only snapped a few pictures with my phone, but I cherish these, and want to share this precious memory here.

I hope that you had a beautiful Christmas, friends. I am wishing you every magical joy & blessing as we move through the end of this year and into the new one. xo

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