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June // The Month of Light

DenaJune 6, 2017

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Hello my dear friends! Happy June! I am so enchanted with this beautiful month. Here in the northeast, the early spring blossom has passed and an entire new set of beautiful blooms are open. It is peony & rose season and — oh my goodness — is there anything better? Actually, there is one thing that I can think of… two nights past, the fireflies came out! Summer warmth, roses, fireflies — I’m over the moon for all of it.

June is the month of light. In this month, we get 15 hours of daylight. It is such an incredible treasure. If the year of seasons were a fairytale, I feel that June would be the sugar-sweet, happy ending.

Despite all of this wonder, things have been rough for me lately. I’ve just moved houses for the third time in less than two years. On top of the move, I’ve been hit with an illness — some hellish cross between a flu and a cold — that’s been devastating me physically for two weeks now. It’s a bad cycle, I am horrifically sick and at the same time, insanely busy and rest is just not an option. Soon, however, the trials of moving will have settled and I know that I’ll be back to wellness soon.

All of these big changes, combined with June being the halfway mark of the year, have got me thinking great big thoughts. In preparation for the second half of the year, I’ve just reviewed my thoughts from the start of the year. My word for 2017 is ➳➳➳ STRENGTH, and I can truly say that I have embodied that word to its fullest extent this year. I am so proud of all that I have accomplished already in 2017, and I cannot wait to be even stronger, braver, and more successful than ever in the second half of this year.

Soon, I will sit down with my big map of goals & dreams that I created back in April. I will revisit, revise, and plan on the exact steps that I will take to release all of the magic within my spirit out into the universe. It’s going to be beautiful, friends.

Lots of love and light to you, today and always. xo

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